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Maximize the capacity of your fork lifts and business

Sick and tired of the fact that the worker who shouts loudest gets help first? Is all operation put on hold when the workstation runs out of material or if the platforms get crowded? Break the pattern! TCS is a super simple tool that will eliminate all these problems. Make a to-do list that everyone has access to and where the assignments are prioritized automatically in real time. Track the assignment from start to finish. TCS will make you save on both fork lifts and personnel, your site will be safer and you will receive history and statistics as a basis for your strategical decision making.

TCS- Create task in one click

Create task in one click

Each workstation is equipped with an easy way to create tasks. One click. Once the task is created, everyone involved can follow it until it is completed.

TCS -Overview


All tasks end up in a work-queue where they can be distinguished with texts, icons and colors. Data is sorted automatically by priority and can be filtered so that the performer only sees the jobs that are relevant to him / her. Let's say that again: it's easy.

TCS - Controll and monitoring

Controll and monitoring

All tasks performed are registered and can be followed up. Of course, all data can be exported to Excel so that you can twist and turn to analyse the production.

TCS - Följ upp och kontrollera

Manage CONTROL (optional)

With the optional TCS Check list, daily supervision is performed and documented easily and securely. Design your own checklist per truck or machine type. The controls and performers are logged. Error reports are made in TCS and become visible to work management or service personnel.

Why TCS?

TCS was created for the logistics industry but can just as easily be used in other businesses where you want to streamline and facilitate internal communication. Gather all service and purchasing assignments in one place.

  • Workstations


    Make the workstations self-sufficient by allowing them to quickly create assignments.

  • Queue


    Display all assignments in a usable queue that automatically sort them by priority.

  • Assign time span

    Assign time span

    Make sure that the assignment gets implemented in time by assigning it a time span.

  • Snabb uppstart


    Daily inspection of trucks and machine equipment is an important part of preventive maintenance and a better working environment.

  • Follow-up


    Monitor key figures and build a solid foundation for strategic decisions. Export data to excel.

  • Pulse boards

    Pulse boards

    Allow all areas of your business to take part of the information that TCS can yield for them.

  • Quick start

    Quick start

    Your entire business can be up and running in just one hour. You rent TCS per month and completely without a commitment period. The system is built to be simple and easy to understand and we also help you with training internally.

You’re in good company

Companies like BorgWarner, Spaljisten, PVI Segerström, PVI Esskå och Trivselhus
that require reliable systems for their internal logistics.
They have chosen TCS.

  • Borg Warner
  • Spaljisten
  • PVI Segerström
  • PVI Esskå
  • Trivselhus

TCS best friend: Blipclick

Don’t fight over the goods - Agree with your clients even when goods are missing or damaged. The company behind TCS has also developed the Blipclick application. With Blipclick, you can ensure that you send complete orders while proving that the load was packed properly.

How do I get TCS?

Contact us and we will gladly do a demonstration of the system for you.